Cecilia Sjoholm (b. 1977)

Lives and works in London

Swedish artist Cecilia Sjoholm has an academic background in fine art, interior design and architecture. Over the past 12 years, she has worked extensively with the fabric of buildings, space and surface. Using her deep knowledge of physical crafts and spatial manipulation, she creates works that explore the multiple interpretations of abstract forms, be it within the borders of a paper or in the physical dimension of a wall, room or public space. In her prints, she uses recurring forms and colours as elements of a personal symbolic language. Abstract configurations communicate narratives, distil complex emotions and portray a personal universe that is imbued with concepts of fragility, containment, energy, silence and reflection. Sjoholm’s work also includes sculpture and painting, as well as commissions and site-specific pieces including Strawhouse in London and Trapphus in Gothenburg.

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