Francesca Anfossi (b. 1980)

Lives and works in London

Francesca Anfossi’s practice takes the tradition of craft as a starting point to make and collaborate, employing ceramic as her core material. Inspired by the very nature of clay — a versatile, inclusive and non-hierarchal material — her various projects are often conceived in direct collaboration with communities and evolve according to their needs. She approaches art-making with a generous pragmatism and produces objects that blur the boundaries between art and craft, creativity and functionality. Her ceramic book holders, coffee tables, stools, vases and pots are all unique, hand-made pieces that are inspired by everyday life. Such objects celebrate domesticity as a place that is playful, eclectic and loaded with artistic content. In 2017, Anfossi co-founded the ceramic centre Rochester Square in Camden, London, which is dedicated to socially engaging projects and artistic collaborations.

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