Irvin Pascal (b. 1987)

Lives and works in Sussex

Irvin Pascal’s artistic practice encompasses painting, drawing, sculpture, performance and sound. It also embraces much of his own story, drawing on his past as a boxer and his African and Caribbean heritage. Informed by a variety of influences from the classical to the contemporary, his work explores the representation of the black body, the nature of masculinity, sexuality and personal agency as well as the place of community and the reverberations of art history. Through a playful approach, the artist calls upon a unique stylistic mix of pop and traditions which are often considered as characteristic of African or tribal art. His paintings, made from a combination of different materials unique to the artist’s own technique (Pascollar), are often dark in colour and rich in texture. Pascal also works extensively with ink and charcoal, in drawings which bring together geometric, totem-like shapes alongside references from popular culture. His paintings and drawings always bear the date when the artist started to make the work, as a personal record of the art making process. 

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