Sarah Ryder (b. 1978)

Lives and works in North Wales

Celebrating the human urge to communicate through material gestures, Sarah Ryder’s practice is concerned with notions of mark-making and play. Her process, which is informed by concepts of imperfection, impermanence and spontaneity, relies extensively on drawing, as a continuous investigation into how lines become forms, at the border of abstraction and figuration. Ryder’s unique monoprints are made using a jelly sheet and relief ink through a process which involves transferring textures from shapes made of paper and foil. Individual sections are masked-off and obscured, adding a lively sense of uncertainty to her making. Inspired by the first innovative marks made by humans some 44,000 years ago, the artist uses the process of making as a means to connect way back to the language of our primal expressions. Her works pay tribute to the importance of play and to the freedom and inspiration it brings to all human life.

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