Tamara Van San (b. 1982)

Lives and works in Belgium

Through her work, Tamara Van San experiments with the fundamental sculptural elements of volume, form and colour. Her sculptures are made of a wide variety of materials, from ceramic, plaster and wood to less conventional ones such as polystyrene, latex and synthetic gypsum. Colours often erupt spontaneously in response to the final shapes and textures, creating powerful pieces which retain their unique visual language. Van San’s approach towards sculpture has often been described as ‘anti-classical’, for her work seems to go against the absolute search towards unity and purity. Instead, it allows for a more intuitive and intimate process to take over, often leading to unforeseen shapes that the artist moulds with her own hands. Under their seemingly bright, colourful and cheerful appearance, something disturbing is brewing, something that speaks of reality and our constant struggle against disorder. 

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