William Stein (b. 1977)

Lives and works in London

Ranging from painting and drawing to writing, William Stein’s work delves into the internal psychological realm. His mysterious arrangements are composed of a lexicon of universal geometric forms such as cubes, circles, triangles and cloud-like shapes, that are left suspended within surreal dreamscapes. Within the works, we see relationships built and broken, territories developed and dissolved, forms emerging into figuration and retreating into abstraction. Consistent throughout both his paintings and works on paper is a recognisable pale, washed-out colour palette, which conveys both a sense of intimacy and infinity. For his new body of watercolours on paper, the artist has used a typewriter to include poetic fragments of texts, reminiscent of automatic writing. Rooted in autobiography, Stein’s work can be seen as a meditation on anxiety and joy, memory and loss, place and family. 

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