Winter 2020/21

Do Not Swear by the Moon.

Displayed and photographed in a collector’s home on Cadogan Place, London, this collection brings together over forty artworks by thirteen artists with a strong focus on painting. Celebrating both the end of a year and the arrival of a new one, winter is a season that invites contemplation and introspection. Embracing the romantic themes of nature, legends, sensory emotions and metaphysical thoughts, Do Not Swear by the Moon celebrates the home as an inspirational space, the cosiest of all refuges. Canopy Collections is delighted to collaborate with London-based designer Charlotte Kingsnorth, whose selection of furniture includes her iconic Babafelt chair. This collection also presents large paintings by Sarah Lederman, in which the imagery often depicts memories of past places and people engaged in an intimate moment. Referencing ancient art forms, Richard J. Butler’s pastel paintings portray human figures fading within vast colour fields, as if lost in a kind of cosmic loneliness. His Polaroid series, entitled A Second Sun, is a growing archive of neglected flowers and plants taken in people’s gardens during his daily winter wanderings. Overlooked nature is also glorified in Aethan Wills’ oil paintings, which celebrate Japanese aesthetics, translating traditional Shō-ji screens into grids, landscapes into seasons and delicate flowers into abstract brushstrokes. In William Stein’s small paintings, a lexicon of universal geometric shapes form mysterious arrangements that are reminiscent of surreal dreamscapes. Do not Swear by the Moon also features a wide selection of works on paper by Stein, along with a selection of unique monoprints by Sarah Ryder, charcoal and ink drawings by Irvin Pascal. Canopy Collections continues to present William Cobbing’s iconic ceramic book covers and Paulina Michnowska’s delicate watercolours on paper, along with new photographs by Dan Carroll, newly commissioned editions of ceramic book holders by Francesca Anfossi, as well as a revisited version of Iain Hales’ Champagne Cooler.