Autumn 2020

Living Well is the Best Revenge.

At the crossroad of art, design and lifestyle, Canopy Collections promotes the work of international living artists beyond the traditional gallery world. We curate four seasonal collections a year in the form of unique domestic displays. Entitled Living Well is the Best Revenge, Canopy Collections’ inaugural collection is a celebration of art and life. It presents over forty colourful and bold artworks, photographed in an artist’s home in Camden, London. The energetic gesture in Ralph Hunter-Menzies’s paintings responds to the ultra-refined surfaces of Iain Hale’s sculptural work, while Francesca Anfossi’s ceramic props, such as book holders, pots, stools and tables, contrast with the experimental forms of Tamara Van San’s ceramic sculptures. Much larger in scale, Marianne Thoermer’s tapestry works were produced over many months of manual labour and reveal a remarkable quality of execution. Such precision in the making is also to be found in Rose Davey’s paintings which are subtle research-led experiments in tone, colour and light. Canopy Collections is also delighted to present William Cobbing’s iconic ceramic book covers, Paulina Michnowska’s delicate watercolours on paper and Ian Whittlesea’s ethereal spray paintings, along with newly discovered talents, photographer Dan Carroll and textile artist Penelope Clayden.