Artist_Benedikte KluverMeet the Artist

Benedikte Klüver

Can you describe your work in three words? 
Colour, investigative, pulsing.

What got you into the arts? How did you become an artist?
I have drawn and painted for as long as I remember. My grandmother was a talented painter and fashion illustrator. When my creativity started showing, I was encouraged by my family from the very beginning. I have always had a project on my hands, and as I grew up my passion for the arts developed. When I moved to London in 2016, I found myself in a city of endless possibilities and a broad arts scene to which I fully committed myself.

You work across several different mediums: oil painting, embroidery and photography. What drew you to these materials specifically and how do they relate to one another?
I’m very drawn to the unpredictability of each these media. Despite their contrasts in texture, pace and physicality, they all seem to teach me the same things: to trust my instincts and to allow the medium to welcome new possibilities. But the one constant across all my work is colour.

What is the process behind your work?
My working process is often led by spontaneity as well as an urge to map out an idea I have in mind. I might work on this idea for a while, but once I abandon it, the painting or needlepoint starts to become demanding and leads me down an unknown path where the excitement starts.

What are the things that inspire you most?
Nature and curious, colourful houses often strike me and linger in my mind when I get to work.

Where are you from and how does that affect your work?
I’m from the suburbs of Copenhagen, but I have spent all of my summers on an island called Læsø in the northern part of Denmark. It seems like its characteristic nature and peaceful atmosphere have settled within me.

Who are the artists that have inspired you most?
Dora Maar, Milton Avery, Eileen Agar, Sophie Täuber-Arp, Sean Scully, Patrick Heron, Lee Miller, Emil Nolde.

What interested you about joining Canopy Collections?
Since my first studio visit with Louise Chignac, we have had interesting and reflective conversations. I found Louise’s energy and her challenging my ideas very constructive and I look forward to continuing these meaningful discussions and collaborations with Canopy.

Do you collect art from other artists? How important is it for you to live with art?
Yes, I find it very exciting and meaningful to surround myself with work from my peers and feel how their work inspire mine.

Any projects in the pipeline?
I have just spent some time at Læsø where I have been painting with watercolours and taking pictures across the island. I look forward to getting back to work in my studio in London with fresh impressions — only to return to Læsø soon again!