Living with Art

Extraordinary Creatives Podcast

Our co-founder and director Louise Chignac, and Will Jarvis (CEO of Gertrude) recently spoke to Ceri Hand for her podcast, Extraordinary Creatives. The pair talked about taking a creative approach to revolutionising the art world, making it more transparent and accessible.

Louise Chignac and Cécile Ganansia founded Canopy Collections in 2020, during the height of the Covid pandemic. Chignac had realised the challenges that galleries were facing in adapting their models when opportunities to exhibit were stifled by the pandemic. Canopy Collections was born as a solution which was inspiring for collectors and allowed artists to keep making a living from their work. Together, Chignac and Ganansia invented a model which was founded on the idea of living with art, by installing artworks in domestic settings and photographing them to be discovered online.

“These walls are to be filled with something joyful, something that takes you outside of your own domestic space. When you have art in your home, you will enjoy that piece for much longer than the 5 seconds you might spend looking at it in a gallery setting”.

Over the past four years, Canopy Collections has evolved to become a hybrid model that supports artists and collectors alike. The online remains a major space, but this is enhanced by a nomadic programme of exhibitions, which can take place in domestic spaces, white cube spaces and in collaboration with other organisations.

Listen to the full conversation.