The Canopy Summer Roundup

With exhibitions opening in London, Paris, The Netherlands, New York and Los Angeles, there are plenty of opportunities to see works by Canopy Collections artists this summer. 

We've compiled a list of current and upcoming shows featuring Richard J. Butler, Celeste, William Cobbing, Lara Davies, Sarah Lederman, Daniel MacCarthy, James William Murray, Irvin Pascal and Grace Tobin. As always, there’s also plenty of new artworks for you to discover online.


William Cobbing

Life Is More Important Than Art
Group exhibition
14 June—17 September 2023
Whitechapel Gallery
77-82 Whitechapel High St
London, UK

CLAY holding/transforming/performing
Talks & Workshops 
26—27 August 2023
National Sculpture Factory
Albert Road
Cork City, Ireland

Richard J. Butler

Art on a Postcard
Summer Charity Auction
22 June—6 July 2023

Lara Davies

Art on a Postcard
Summer Charity Auction
22 June—6 July 2023

Sarah Lederman

Group exhibition
22 June ­—8 July 2023
The Bomb Factory Art Foundation
Unit 2, Boothby Road
London, UK

Aethan Wills

night-fall Paris 
Canopy Collections x Cucina Mutualité
24 June—9 July 2023
20 Rue Saint-Victor
Paris, France

Grace Tobin

The Angel in the House
Group exhibition
22 June—23 July 2023
Studio West Gallery
Unit 1, 216 Kensington Park Road
London, UK

Take My Hand
Group exhibition
June 30th—29 July 2023
Unit 1 Gallery
1 Bard Road
London, UK

Group exhibition
15 July—5 August 2023
Hashimoto Contemporary NYC
54 Ludlow Street
New York City, US


Paisaje espectral (Spectral Landscape)
Group exhibition
1—29 July 2023
MAĀT Gallery
10 rue de Braque
Paris, France

James William Murray

Group exhibition
15 July—27 August 2023
Church Tower of Sint Anna ter Muiden
Nederherenweg 1
Sluis, The Netherlands

Daniel McCarthy

Knowle Hill
Group exhibition
26 July—18 August 2023
The Split Gallery
62 Roman Road
London, UK