Ellie MacGarry Snip

Ellie MacGarry’s work explores fleeting and intimate moments involving the body and its everyday transformations. They most often feature tight crops of skin, chest, back or hair, peeling away the garments and layers that we so often use to hide our private selves. The act of undressing is a reoccurring motif throughout MacGarry’s paintings: buttons, shirts and ribbons come undone, unravelling parts of the body that are usually kept private or concealed.

Shipping & Returns

Orders are shipped worldwide within 7 business days (20 days for works to be framed).

United Kingdom
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France, Belgium, Germany
Small £40 / Medium £70 / Large £120

European Union (apart from France Belgium, Germany)
Small £60 / Medium £80 / Large £180

Rest of the World
Small £80 / Medium £120 / Large £280


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